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Stripe Payment - sales tax

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Stripe Payment - sales tax


I'm just checking if we could use Stripe for payment. As far as I can see it is not possible to let the system calculate sales tax depending on country or VAT ID of the customer?


Thank you.

GoTo Moderator

@frank881  While you can integrate payment processing with your GoToWebinar registration flow, and also choose the currency you prefer, I'm not sure that Stripe can automatically add international taxes that may apply to certain localities.

New Member

Just further to this. We would like to charge for some of our webinars however the inability to set a tax rate for registrations is problematic. We need to charge users based on their location. There is no ability to set tax rates in GoToWebinar (which is where this needs to occur...not in Stripe).  We attempted to set something up using our own registration system, which does capture tax correctly, however we have not found anyway to do this that results in the user registering twice for a webinar. Once to pay and get the GoToWebinar link and the second to register for the webinar itself.  It looks like we might be able to achieve something using the GoTo API, however this will require considerable effort to develop and support for something that a basic pay registration system should really already support. The inability to do this will likely impact our on-going use of the product so I hope this is a feature that is added soon.

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Stripe can calculate taxes based on the provinces of the registrants.  But when we use Stripe on Go To Webinar, no tax calculated.  Would Go To Webinar consider adding the feature to calculate sales taxes?  Without this feature, we are not able to use Go To Webinar efficiently as it involves manual works to enter to Go To Webinar those registrations which were paid through another payment platform.  We would prefer to use those products that could streamline our process.