Uploading survey or polling questions via xml or xlsx file

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Uploading survey or polling questions via xml or xlsx file

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Uploading survey or polling questions via xml or xlsx file

I would like to be able to load Polling questions and Survey questions via xml or xls file. We use the same Survey questions for 90% of our Webinars, and it gets a bit tedious typing in the same 8 questions EVERY time!

The same goes for polling questions. We usually change the polls everytime, but we always use 4 backup generic polling questions, and it would be nice to be able to just import them instead of typing out each time.

Trevor Miranda
New Member
I too would love this feature, we use the same survey for each webinar and typing it in every time is very tedious!
David Hunt
Active Contributor
It would be even better if surveys and all survey questions used could be saved for future re-use, like is possible in Webex.

You should be able to load a saved poll then tailor if necessary by adding previously used questons or new questions. All questions and surveys should be able to be saved.
Merav Bitton
New Member
Yes, we also use the same set of surveys across the webinars and it is very tedious typing in the questions everytime.
In Go To Training, the surveys were stored in a library.
When will this feature be available for Go To webinar.
thank you
WUM Social Serv
Active Contributor
Yes, we would love the ability to store survey questions. We use a standard follow up survey for almost all for almost all of our webinars. Would be a huge time saver to not have to retype each time.
David Hunt
Active Contributor
It is sad that after all this time the facility to save poll and survey questions is still not available.

Having run more than 100 GoTo Webinars it is very tedious having to type in the same survey questions time after time after time.

Please Citrix folk, listen to your users. This has got to be a really easy thing to implement.
GoTo Manager

On our new platform when you use the Schedule Similar Webinar function, Polls and the Survey are copied over to the new webinar, along with any branding.

All existing GoToWebinar accounts will be migrated over to the new platform once our migration process is ready, and we can ensure that all account information can be migrated successfully.
Derek Godfrey
New Member
I was told by go to webinar support that there is a bug and when you copy Webinar A to make Webinar B, the survey of Webinar B is pointed back to Webinar A survey.  The webinar is copied but the survey is not.  Has this been resolved?
Claire Bell
New Member
This will not work for me - I need to have a library of surveys - is this on the roadmap?
New Member

We really need a library of surveys.  Sometimes we want to copy one webinar and use a different survey or polling questions.  Other platforms offer this feature. Please work on it.