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View blocked participant emails list

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View blocked participant emails list

I understand that your system silently blacklists email addresses after a bounce occurs (or after a set number of bounces occurs), though there is no notice to the organizer that they have attempted to invite such a blacklisted email address to an event. It's insanely frustrating to keep resending an invite to someone who claims they have not received it, when of course they haven't received it because it's being silently blocked from being sent to the user! 


I understand the concept of wanting to keep your sending IPs from being blacklisted, but having no user-facing notice about a blacklisted user email is illogical and makes for an exceedingly poor user experience (from the perspective of the organizer).


How can I determine whether an address has been silently blacklisted or if the attendee is just confused and the message IS being sent but they just can't find it (deleted, spam, etc)? How do I review/remove a blacklisted email address that is truly valid? 


There should be some sort of system to:

1) Provide notice to an organizer when they add someone whose email address in on your internal blacklist

2) Provide some sort of end-user accessible way to clear their email from your internal blacklist - this could be as simple as a single page where a user enters their email address and solves a CAPTCHA; if the submitted address was on your internal blacklist, send a verification message to the account. When the message is received, the user has to either click a link or enter a provided code into another page. Upon successful verification that the address is valid and the person has certified they want to receive such invite messages (as evidenced by the user clicking the link and/or entering a code provided in the message), the user's email will be removed from the internal blacklist.


Since that does not exist, how do I resolve the issue that users to not receive invites and I have to individually copy their unique link and paste into an email to the user (from my own email account)?

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I've got a customer that is having trouble receiving emails from gotowebinar after registering for a webinar. 

It could be a PBKAC error but I was just wondering if there is a way to check a mail log to see if there are any delivery errors regarding a specific email address. 

I was also wondering if there is a domain I should have the customer add to the safe senders list (outlook) or send to their IT for whitelisting. 

There doesn't seem to be a phone number to call so I figured I'd throw this question on the message board here and see what happens. 

Thank you for your time!

GoTo Manager

Hi @BeanPLM ,

If you fear that one of your attendees has blocked our emails, you may contact Customer Care directly via telephone to request that we check the bounce filter on our side.  This article includes GoTo Email server data:


If you cannot locate the support phone number from an article such as this, please let us know .


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Hi there - my organization works with schools, and a lot of students have school email addresses that filter out outside contacts. Is there a way to verify if registration and reminder emails are going through to these attendees? Or can we view a bounce list?

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Hi Lauren,

I'm sorry we don't have a customer-ready tool to our internal bounce filters.  Only Customer Support can check this for you at this time. 

GoTo Manager

Thanks for your input @rhynot_ryan


At this time there is no outside visibility of blocked emails for GoTo users to see.


This is more of an improvement 'idea', so I'm going to move it into the GoToWebinar Community Ideas section for later consideration.

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