Webinar Staff "add to calendar" link for Google Calendar and Outlook ?

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Webinar Staff "add to calendar" link for Google Calendar and Outlook ?

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Webinar Staff "add to calendar" link for Google Calendar and Outlook ?

The "Manage Webinar" page provides a link called "Add to Calendar".  In Google Chrome, the link just downloads an .ics file, which, doesn't help with Google Calendar.  It should either:

  1. be change to a drop-down (similar to what you get when you register for a webinar) that includes "Add to Google Calendar" (among the other options included in on the register confirmation page) <or>

  2. the link should be changed to be an actual ical link instead of just downloading an .ics file.



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Hi @acs_jay ,

When you download the .ics file from GoToWebinar, you can 'save' this first, before deploying / opening by the calendar app of your choosing.  There's no way to 'automatically' do this for Google Calendar.

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Guys this is woefully insufficient. Requiring users to download ics files and upload them to google caledar is a sign of lazy development. Every other platform calls a google calendar event page for the user to save. In fact most users of Google Calendar don't even know how to work this ics upload process.


I counted the number of mouse clicks if you do it perfectly. 12 clicks to add a calendar entry.  This should be 2 clicks!


Any update on this? Requiring users to download .ics files and upload is not making people happy!

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How has this not been addressed yet?  We are CONSTANTLY dealing with our presenters not having events in their calendar because this process is so ridiculous. PLEASE FIX THIS.

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I'm testing out the best way to create a webinar series.


I've created it how I would need it to show for my real event coming up in a few months but when I test the registration, it doesn't give me an option to add it to Google Calendar which is going to be missing a large chunk of our audience.


I've chosen the option to have them register for all sessions at once. It only shows the options for "Outlook Calendar" and "iCal."


Is this a glitch that can be fixed?

Here's a screenshot. Same thing on the registration page, right after submitting registration info.

webinar series ex.png

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