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Webinar Templates

Webinar Templates

It would be great to create a webinar template that lets you easily replicate all the settings you configured in a webinar. I've found when duplicating events that it is often uneven how the settings get copied over and it leads to problems. A webinar template would eliminate this problem.

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I haven't see a tool to customize all webinars with default settings (to apply the same colors for each webinar for example). 

There's no tool like this?




Chris Droessler
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You can set up a webinar--colors, etc. and then "copy" that webinar.  The copy will contain every aspect of the original.

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@cg_b2c  I agree!  I have events set up which I use as templates, for things like branding and images, but they have handouts attached for housekeeping items which do NOT copy over.

A thought out template, for which you do not have to specify a date or start time and which copies handouts and associated standard videos would be fantastic!


@GlennD ?  @AshC   Any chance this will gain traction?


Thank you!

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@KEvents  Yes, I believe this is on the drawing board for future release... sorry no specific ETA yet