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background in GTW

background in GTW

Client gave the idea of ​​having a "background" in GTW, just like GTM. Then the participant could change the background screen as he wanted.



GoTo Manager
Status changed to: New

This is already an option for GoToWebinar organizers using ChromaCam just like GoToMeeting: 


I am leaving this as an Idea still as it is not available to panelists and attendees that do not have their own paid account.

UB Alumni Caree
Active Contributor

Our presenters are often caught off guard that they can't blur their background or use a virtual background.  "I do it on Zoom all the time, disappointing I can't do it here." We would love this option to be more readily and easily available. 

Active Contributor

Agree with UB Alumni Caree.

We have speakers from other organizations join us for webinars and it'd be nice to not have to ask them to download a separate third party service. Some companies don't allow their employees to just download all types of stuff. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Accepted

Virtual backgrounds will be coming soon to GTW