"End of webinar" prevents reading questions.

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"End of webinar" prevents reading questions.

"End of webinar" prevents reading questions.

It would be very nice if the "Thank you, the webinar is now closed" didn't block the whole window in a "do or die fashion".

I haven't finished reading the questions by the time the organiser has closed the webinar and this popup a) didn't let me scroll up and see the conversation I missed and b) closed the whole webinar by reloading the page once I closed the popup. Leave the information readable after webinar completion, please!

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Hi Jo,

Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this along to our team.

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This still happens.  Are there any plans to allow reading the questions and replies after the organizer ends the webinar?


(Using the Instant Join App in Chrome on Windows 10, attending a Webcast webinar)

Chris Droessler
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If you are reading the questions and replies during the webinar you must be a co-Organizer.


After the webinar, ask the Organizer to send you an Attendee Report.  That Excel file contains all of the the questions and answers starting around column K.


If the Organizer does not want you to see the Attendance list, he/she could delete the first few columns that contain the personal information and send you the rest of the file.

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Thank you for the suggestion to have the Organizer send me the questions and answers.  I did that and he is going to send them to me. 


The purpose behind my original post was to bring to LogMeIn's attention that this still happens and to find out if it's on the list of planned enhancements.


To clarify, I was an Attendee.  Either the Organizer or a co-Organizer posted the questions and answers for everyone to see.  After the webinar was closed, the notification that it was closed prevented scrolling through the posted questions and answers.  The only option was to click on the button in the notification, which exited the webinar completely.  It would enhance the overall webinar experience if Attendees were able to finish reading the posted questions and answers (and finish downloading handouts) for a reasonable period of time after the webinar has ended instead of many Attendees individually needing to ask the Organizer to send these to them.


An alternative would be to display a message to Organizers as they are closing the webinar that, as soon as the webinar is closed, the Attendees will no longer be able to read the posted questions and answers or download handouts.  The Organizers can then decide if they should keep the webinar open for several more minutes.  This would not be as convenient as the other option since Organizers may not have time to keep the webinar open, but would likely be easier to implement and may even be a temporary enhancement while the other option is being implemented.


If someone from LogMeIn reads this, since it's been almost four years since the original enhancement request was passed along to the development team, can it be passed along to them again?


Thank you

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