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"Join with browser" link

"Join with browser" link

At present, if a user can’t download and install the software, they must:

  • First realise why nothing is happening (the download simply doesn't start)
  • Follow a link to support
  • Search through the support pages to find the answer to the right question (using the right terminology of course, otherwise you can't find it)
  • Follow the instructions to the letter, which involves copying and pasting the webinar address into a web browser tab (but don't press enter yet!) and then copying and pasting a short bit of code at the end of the webinar address (now you can press enter).

That is time-consuming and a very complicated process which is prone to mistakes, particularly as you're often trying to do it in a hurry so you don't miss the beginning of the webinar. Overall it’s a very poor customer experience.


Instead, I propose that you include a simple bit of code on the landing page which gives the option to “Join with browser” (perhaps supported with text such as "If the download doesn't start, or you don't wish to install the GoToWebinar software, you can...").


This would be very easy to do - after all the webinar address is already captured and automatically applied when the software is downloaded, which is much more complicated than simply replicating that address on the landing page with a little bit of code added. This facility would match what Zoom and Teams (for example) already do, and ultimately give a much better customer experience for those who can’t (or don’t want to) download and install the software.


Now a little moan - I raised this as a support case but the support team refused to deal with it because it is an "expected behaviour". But it took ten emails from me (more from LogMeIn) and two phone calls over nine working days to get to that point. Why couldn't the support people say "OK, it's not actually a fault but we understand the problem, and in order to improve the customer experience we will raise this with our developers"?

Webinar Studio

I would agree the attendee experience for joining via the browser could be greatly improved.  @TimGould presents a great solution.


I will also concur that often LogMeIn technical support is often quite inefficient. 

GoTo Manager

Thanks for the feedback.   This behavior is actually being worked on currently.  I hope to have more information to share in the new year. 

GoTo Moderator
Status changed to: Reviewed by moderator