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Ability to change a webinar title/name in the Video Library

I have a recurring weibnar that is called Free Webinar Wednesdays. I keep the name the same and it is scheduled to go every Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern time. However, each webinar has a different topic of conversation. 


So, what I'd like to do is to use the Library feature, change the name of the video from "Free Webinar Wednesdays" to the actual name of the show and what I talked about that day. However, the name of the webinar is not able to be altered at this time.


I think it would be nice if we had the option to either leave it as the name of the webinar by defatult, but in the editor mode give us the ability to edit the title/name so that it can better reflect what the webinar was about - especially if it's a recurring webinar that's called the same thing each time. It may also be nice to provide a brief description of the webinar as well under the title in smaller text, just to provide additional context. 




Respected Contributor

Re: Ability to change a webinar title/name in the Video Library

I have the same concern.


What I do now is download the video, change the name and then upload the video.  What a waste of Internet bandwidth to just change the title of a video.