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New Contributor

Attendees on phone only

We have a national sales call once a month and some people are in their cars during the call and cannot join by computer.  I think I know the answer to this from reading previous messages, but wanted to be sure.   
1) If someone dials into the webinar only and doesn't log into the computer, is there anyway for them to enter their pin so they can be muted and unmuted or will they remain in listen only mode for the webinar?
2) Is there anyway to capture the attendees that have only dialed-in but have not joined via their computer?  Or do we lose a record of those attendees?  

Has anyone posted any suggestions on what do to in this case?  We are trying to solve for the following:
1) Give the phone-only attendees a way to ask any questions they have
2) Get an accurate record of those that attended the call via computer or phone-only.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Attendees on phone only

Hi Edwina,
I'd like to answer your questions here:
1)  PINs are only given to those in actual attendance, using a software interface.  All attendees are auto-muted upon arrival, but anyone you planned to present can be added as a Panelist member, who's privileges include self-muting and un-muting (unless you use the Mute All command).
2)  At this time, we are considering a feature that would allow you to 'see' unidentified callers in the attendee list, but it is currently only available for GoToMeeting events.  There are no 'reports' that show these callers unfortunately.


New Contributor

Re: Attendees on phone only



I have the same question - is it possible for someone to join using a phone only (without logging in online). I ask as I have a panelist, who cannot use the software interface due to their organisations firewall.


As this post is old, can you confirm that there is still no way for someone to dial-in, without also using the software?




Respected Contributor

Re: Attendees on phone only

@AMcL  go to your GoTo web dashboard , open a specific webinar, and then click on Settings to open the Settings part of the web page.

There you will see the phone number and three access codes.  Give your presenter the Panelist access code.  This will let them listen and talk.  The Organizer does not have control over muting anyone who joins with this access code.


Test this to see if it still works this way.