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New Contributor

Attendees view on a mobile device

We are new to the platform and when running a webinar I watch the event as a delegate on my tablet.  The slides and videos are showing fine along with the speaker, if only one is one screen.  As soon as I have two speakers the tablet (and my phone) get stuck on one of the presenters and you don't see the other one.  So the other day I couldn't see the first speaker and just watched the face of the second speaker instead.  When I sign in as a delegate on my laptop it looks fine.


Is this something that is in my platform settings that I need to correct?  I'm concerned that other delegates are seeing the same view as me.


Thank you for any help or suggestions.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Attendees view on a mobile device

Hi Annie,

You should be able to toggle the webcam views on iOS devices to 'All' though the mobile app itself: