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New Contributor

Attentiveness in Webcast Mode

While using the webinar (standard event) mode, I was always cheching the attentiveness as a relevant part of my webinar evaluation. Now, I changed to the webcast mode for some events. Attentiveness is always 100%. So, I am wondering whether this statistic does not work for the webcast mode (as there is no plug-in)?

If so, what could be an alternative way to get an idea about attentiveness in the webcast mode?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Attentiveness in Webcast Mode

@EM2  I'm afraid there's no way to register all the statistics needed to formulate an Attentiveness rating when the Attendees are using a web browser to connect.  Webcast webinars are always run through the web app, so the interest ratings there will be incomplete.