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Automatic Volume and Noise Processing

I have a question about the Preferences > Audio Settings > Advanced > "Use automatic volume and noise processing" option.   This is the one that is only available for Windows users.


When this box is checked, does it only affect the audio of each person who checked this box, or does this affect the audio for everyone on the webinar?


For example, if I have a team event with multiple panelists speaking and sharing video that we would want the audio to play on, does each person have to go to their setting and check this box?

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Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Automatic Volume and Noise Processing

Great question. Looking forward to having this feature on the Mac.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Automatic Volume and Noise Processing

@shaunmacie   That's correct:  The setting is a local one only, and was originally designed to reduce background noise. Disabling noise processing functionality will allow you to pick up more sounds away from your microphone.  This has no effect on integrated telephone calls.