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New Contributor

Awful experience - this company doesn't care about your problems

I'm 6+ years long customer from Ukraine.

For years I *BEG* GTW support for making confirmation emails fully customizable because my audience is russian-speaking. All I get from support was "ok will send it to our delepopment team". It's coprorate structure. Nobody gives a sh...


But now it became WORSE:

Because of that all this years we forced (with API) to make our own registration pages and send our own confirmation email.

NOW IT DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE because Now this too stop working, because GoToWebianr company was brought by some other guys and for some reason time for your API keys that was valid for 1 year prior to this now valid for 1 hour??? 


So on my last webinar only first 15 people were registered and all others has error message.


THE FUN PART: I called their support (BECAUSE NOW THEY DON'T HAVE EMAIL SUPPORT ANYMORE) and the support person on the call HARDLY speaks english. I don't have problem with it, I just want to show everybody here how this corporation doesn't really care about you and I HOPE that in nearest future there will be another alternative to GTW with same good connection quality and more caring SEOs.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Awful experience - this company doesn't care about your problems

@TimurSmirnov  I am sorry for all the frustrations.


If you need API support, we do actually have an email template and alias you may use here:


The support on this type of email inquiry may take several days.