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Billing Invoice has Tax at 0% from January 2021

I have received a January 2021 invoice for Go to Webinar, we are a UK based company.


The invoice states the Tax is 0%, all previous invoices had Tax at 20%.


The invoice address shown on the invoice is as follows:


LogMeIn Technologies UK Ltd registration number 10057996

Registered Address: Ramillies Building, 1-9 Hills Place, Westminster, London, W1F 7SA, UK

VAT Number GB246272015


Can anyone advise why the invoice is now 0% Tax, could it be because the services are provided from outside of the UK?

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Billing Invoice has Tax at 0% from January 2021

@KirstyAs  I can tell you that LogMeIn is based in the USA, and we have a main office in Ireland, but I'm not sure why the invoice would be any different there unless it had something to do with the UK's decision to leave the EU this year.  If you need solid billing answers feel free to give us a call.