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Bypass registration with API?

We are currently planning an event where you can browse content after registering in our system. In addition, live content is planned to be implemented with GoToWebinar.

Is there a way to include the user data in the link so that the user does not have to register again on GoToWebinar? Unfortunately, that would disrupt the flow.

Maybe you can register the user via API and then only log in?

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New Contributor

Re: Bypass registration with API?

I mean, if a user wants to join a webinar, he clicks on join, than our system check whether the user is already registered. if yes, than redirect on the joinURL, if not, than register the user by api and redirect then.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Bypass registration with API?

@TSojka  API integrations can import registrant lists for you, and there is a feature that recognizes an existing email address if someone tries to register again for the same webinar themselves.  There's no way to cross-reference your acceptance criteria with GoToWebinar, but you might be able to create a hook of some kind to trigger their registration data input once they register through your own login.