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New Contributor

Calendar options on registration page



I have a short-run webinar series set up. When someone registers, only Outlook calendar options show on the registration page. However, in the confirmation emails, multiple calendar options show. Is there a way to make the registration page show all the calendar options as well?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Calendar options on registration page

@Maizex  If your recurring webinar is set to register the attendee for the entire set, then this can be a restriction of some calendar systems, only allowing one appointment entry at a time.

New Contributor

Re: Calendar options on registration page

Hi Ash, thanks. Upon re-reading my initial post, I wasn't very clear. The issue: the registration confirmation page only shows an Outlook calendar item, while the registration confirmation emails offer Outlook, iCal, and Google calendar items. I was just asking if the three options could also be displayed on the confirmation page like they are in the emails. Thanks again!