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New Contributor

Can’t log in to webinar

I live in Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA. I registered for TWO sessions with Larry Jordan, for the 19 May’21 9am and the 2nd session at 11am. “Clip Speed Changes in Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro“. I was registered for BOTH. My registration Number Webinar ID: 428-810-739 and 2nd session my Webinar ID: 821-415-867 and I was LOCK OUT. I tried to LOG IN 15 mins BEFORE the times, but each time a message came up and said, “THE WEBINAR HAS ENDED”. The webinars hadn’t even started. I tried to notify Larry, but he can’t answer any emails at that time. He now suggests to contact you to help. Should this happen again in future, how can I notify you to help me gain assess? 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can’t log in to webinar

@Mervinks  I'm sorry that you experienced the error when attempting to join a live broadcast.  In these cases it may be that you have some security restricting access to GoToWebinar, or blocking certain communication attempts.   The event Organizer likely recorded the session, so you may be able to watch the recording after it is finished processing. 


You should test your system before the next broadcast by joining the test session here: 


This security article may also be of use, to reference within any local firewalls: