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New Contributor

Citrix default lastName in First and Last Name field

does anybody know what character entered into Last Name and First Name Registration form
is causing that outcome shown in the registrants report?
I am almost sure those registered on Mobile devices, I tried by entering emojis, and that works (!)
however, in the registrant report I see ? in the Fn and Ln field

Active Contributor

Re: Citrix default lastName in First and Last Name field

we see here and there people entering "aaa" and "bbb" in Fn and Ln filed, as are mandatory on registration,
but why "Citrix default lastName" and "Citrix default lastName" is AUTOPOPULATED there when they click on the register button, is ridiculous. Might come from a cache, but nobody would use such a long naming; and we have around 30 people appearing that way in our reports; from different countries, joining different Webinars.
Calling support, as always, was a waste of time as pushed back as user caused problem

GoTo Moderator

Re: Citrix default lastName in First and Last Name field

@Tho-Mas@tjst Thanks for visiting the GoTo Community.


If possible can you post a screenshot of what you see? I tried to replicate on my end by registering with a mobile device and on a Computer and I'm not able to see anything out of the ordinary. 


Screenshot 2024-03-14 140605.png

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