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Co-Organizers and Attendees are not able to join random webinars.

Co-Organizers and Attendees are not able to join random webinars. We have used GoToWebinar for ~10 years and are very experienced in troubleshooting issues, but this has become unacceptable.


In the past few years, a Co-Organizer would occasionally not be able to join a webinar. No consistent pattern to when they could join and when they could not. Now, Attendees randomly can’t join. This happened so sporadically, and we were always frantically trying to start the webinar that we didn’t have good documentation of what happens. It has become a critical issue recently, so we are trying to document each event now. You asked to be as detailed as possible, so here goes: 


Recent example:

We currently have an 8-webinar series in progress.

     Co-Organizers have received their confirmation email with Join Webinar button.

     Attendees have signed in and received confirmation emails for all 8 webinars with Join Webinar buttons.

Webinar 1 (last Wednesday), Co-Organizer-B started the webinar, Co-Organizer-C, Co-Organizer-D and two Attendees successfully joined the webinar. Co-Organizer-A could not join. 


Webinar 2 (last Friday), Co-Organizer-A started the webinar, Co-Organizer-B, Co-Organizer-C, and two Attendees successfully joined the webinar, no issues. Hooray.


Webinar 3 (This Wednesday), Co-Organizer-B started the webinar, Co-Organizer-C and two Attendees successfully joined the webinar. Co-Organizer-A could not join.


Webinar 4 (Today, Friday), Co-Organizer-B started the webinar, Co-Organizer-C and one Attendee successfully joined the webinar. Co-Organizer-A and one Attendee could not join.


Co-Organizer-A issues:

When they can’t login/join on the first try, Co-Organizer-A has tried many ways to login:

  1. While they are logged into the GoToWebinar Admin account, they open the current webinar page and click “Join”.
  2. They click on the ‘Join Webinar’ button in their Co-Organizer confirmation/reminder email.
  3. They try to login as an Attendee. (They click on the Attendee registration link, sign in, go to the GtW landing page for that webinar, approve their own registration, then click the Join Webinar button in their Attendee confirmation email. )
  4. Restart computer and start with #1 on this list again. Eventually, Co-Organizer-A is able to join after multiple attempts over 15-20 minutes.


What Co-Organizer-A experiences when they can’t join:

  1. The most common issue is that the little wheel shows up indicating it is trying to login. That stops and nothing happens.
  2. The second most common is that it states my email and password are incorrect. This happens in two flavors:
  • One, it states my email and password are incorrect without giving me a chance to put the information in. 
  • The second is that it asks me for my email and password and then gives the error message that my email and password are incorrect.


Sometimes, restarting the Co-Organizer-A computer works, but not every time. Eventually, Co-Organizer-A can join a webinar after 20-30 minutes of multiple attempts and re-starts. Co-Organizer-A can successfully start any webinar. They only have random issues when joining a webinar started by other Co-Organizers. Occasionally, but not often, other Co-Organizers have not been able to join webinars started by Co-Organizer-A. They also have to go through multiple attempts and re-starts as outlined above before they can finally join.


Attendee Issues:

An Attendee from Webinar 4 today has successfully logged in three times in the past week to Webinars 1-3 using the Join Webinar button in their confirmation emails.

Today’s summary:

Attendee clicked the Join Webinar 4 button and could not join. We received this email message:

  • “I am not able to join. The link is not working for me.”

Attendee was re-sent the Registration URL from the Share Event – Invite Your Attendees panel in the GtW landing page. After next attempt, we received this message:

  • “The registration page shows up momentarily, and before even I do anything, it quickly switches to the ‘Please Come Back Later’ error message.”

(Attendee sent a screen shot of GtW error message: “Please Come Back Later. We’re having an issue with our services at the moment. Please come back later to register for this webinar.”)

Attendee made multiple attempts to login, restarting computer, etc., and eventually was able to join 15 minutes late for the 1 hour webinar. This Attendee has joined using an iPhone for all four webinars mentioned above.


Another similar example: Last winter, we hosted a 12-webinar series attended by 12 people from the same organization. During the 11th webinar, Co-Organizer-B started the webinar, 5 of the 12 attendees successfully joined, Co-Organizer-A and 7 of the 12 attendees were not able to join, even though they are all from the same organization and had logged in successfully to the previous 10 webinars.   We switched the webinar to Microsoft Teams where everyone successfully logged in and the webinar continued. All Co-Organizers and Attendees successfully logged into webinar 12 two days later. 


All Organizers are using PCs, most Attendees are probably using PCs, some may login on their phone, but not every time. 


Do you have any suggestions for us?

GoTo Moderator

Re: Co-Organizers and Attendees are not able to join random webinars.

Hi @PJK-G2W-User Welcome to the GoTo Community. 


Thanks for a detailed look into your experience. I apologize for any inconvenience your organizers and attendees may be experiencing while attempting to log in.


Many times password-related issues can simply be a result of mistyping, and the spinning icon may indicate a network glitch, a temporary system problem, or even a cached cookie/data in the user's browser, but we can take a deeper look at what may be happening. 


To assist you promptly, could you send the Webinar ID for the affected session, along with the email addresses of Co-Organizer A and the attendee facing login troubles? By doing so, I'll be able to collaborate with our dedicated customer support team to investigate the issue.


To send this information securely, please click on my name on the left, and you'll find a message button at the top right. Click on that button, and you can easily share the details with us.  Thanks. 

Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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