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Customize recording registration questions


Is it possible to personnalize a recording form (add company name, phone...) ?
For example :

And, is it possible to delete the form ?
I would like to have an access link to the video without form ?



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Re: Is there a way to add more fields for the webinar on-demand registration form?

Hi @Vigenebio

There is currently no way to customize a registration form for webinar recordings --- though you may utilize the original registration link from the live webinar, if you had linked it post-broadcast to the cloud recording file (within the Registration settings).  This will force new attendees to utilize the original, full registration page (as long as you made those questions mandatory).

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Customize the recording registration screen?

I have a recording saved on GoToWebinar. I supply the link to this recording to people via email and social media as I need to. I want to know if it's possible to customize the registration page those people encounter when they clink through the link to the recording.
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

Jessica, this doesn't help. It allows one to adjust the registration for the the webinar, but NOT the box that pops up if one is trying to access the recording through the GoTo provided link once the recording is stored. We have the recording and wish to give people access to it when they request access. They will not be registering for a webinar. They will be viewing the recording we have stored on the GoTo site. How do I edit the "registration" box they must complete in order to see the recording?
Pat McParland
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

Did you get an answer? I have the same question. Pat
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

Hey Pat, no, I didn't get a specific answer. I did manage to work around the issue, though, using the feedback given. Basically, each person going to view the recorded webinar registers for the webinar like any other attendee. You have to change the webinar settings as recommended in the link above.
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?


  • If you upload a recording and attach it to a webinar that you have held, the link to view the recording will include the same registration as that webinar. 
  • If you share the webinar recording directly from My Recordings, the person viewing the recorded webinar will only be asked for their name and email address.
If you want more information than just the name and email address, but not as much as the original webinar registration asked for, you can open the the webinar from My Webinars > Past Webinars and edit the registration questions. Once you save the changes they will be applied to the recording that you linked to that webinar. To get the link for this recording so you can share it do the following: 
  • Find the webinar in your list of Past Webinars
  • Click Manage Recording 
  • Click Copy the registration link 
  • Paste it into your email etc to send
The registration changes will not affect the link you get when you share the recording directly from My Recordings, that will still only ask for the name and email address.
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Leslie Whitehea
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

Hi Glenn - I've been able to customize the information in the registration link, but now I can't figure out how to get this information in a report. The reports only seem to contain the registrants name and email address and none of the answers to the "customized" information that I've asked for. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

Glenn, I've just been provided to a link in the knowledge base from a support agent to this page:
Can my registration link lead to my recording once the live session has ended?

The explanation you wrote makes much more sense than the one in the database. It's totally incomprehensible. You should change it to your text. BUT...

Which report will show the results as per Leslie Whitehead's question above?
Fran Simon
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Barbaree Duke
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Re: Customize the recording registration screen?

We are experiencing the same issue. How do we get the information from the system?