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Dashboard Issues for events & calendar

I was finally able to get our Dashboard to the new version and still see some of the old issues from 6 months ago along with new issues.  So I'm re-posting in hopes of getting some help - here are the one dealing with events and calendar dates:

1) Events are not listed in date order.  I've seen this issue both in the new and old dashboard - I do not see anything to help me "re-sort" by date (or name.)  I would really like to be able to see events in a correct order (by date).  I have an event on Jun 3 then it shows November events, then I go to page two and it goes back to April and June events! 

2) For some reason the Calendar is not showing me "red dots" when events are scheduled.  This was my main reason for switching to the new dashboard since I was having issues keeping my Events from overlapping.  I use two different calendars so it's not an easy task at times.

3) On top of that, if I have a re-occurring event, it should show up in my view so I can see ALL my events that are scheduled...not just the first upcoming.  This should be a new option.

4) Why do some of my events show duplicate PAST events?  

I'm including some snapshots of the issues to help folks understand what I'm asking.  Thank you. Calendar with red dots.pngCalendar with no events showingup.pngduplicative events in past.png