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Developer Sandbox Options


We are interested in integrating GoTo Webinar with our online registration solution and would like to discuss what sort of sandbox options may be available for continuing development and testing. I would also like to discuss with someone how this solution could best be used for conferences looking to replace multiple workshops which had been scheduled simultaneously with online versions, and what differences/limits there may be between Classic and Simulive presentations as far as license requirements go.

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Re: Developer Sandbox Options

Hi @jmcguire81 


GoToWebinar has an API that you can use to create custom integrations for some features including registration: There are also a number of existing integrations already available that you can use: 


Live webinars have attendee limits based on your plan, with Simulive events that is not an issue and attendees can still post questions that you can respond to after the event. If you would like to share more details about what you are hoping to do, I am sure our experienced community members will have tips to share.

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