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Duplicate entries in recording report

After a webinar is hosted, we assign the recording as the 'after session video' and we assign it to attendee/absentee follow-up mails. When downloading the recording report to see everybody who has viewed the recording, multiple times a person has duplicate values. Both duplicate values on different days (not a problem at all), but the report also includes 3 entries of the exact same person viewing the recording at the same time. F.e. all three entries are at 07 July 2021, 08:59AM. 


Anybody else experiencing this issue or knows how to solve this? I don't feel like manually removing all duplicate values of a recording report of several hundreds of entries.


Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Duplicate entries in recording report

I've seen this too. I assumed maybe they had to refresh their browser if the recording did not stream properly.