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Experiencing problems with GoToWebinar live streaming



We have hosted two webinar sessions this afternoon using GoToWebinar and we received several complaints from various people attending from different countries in the world (Russia, Malaysia, Mexico...). Apparently, they suffered several problems while watching the live streaming (image got frozen, the session abruptly ended while the webinar was taking place, they could not watch any signal at all, it was all black...).


Is anyone having the some problems lately with the GoToWebinar tool? Can anybody tell me why this might have happened? We depend on this tool for our upcoming webinar sessions and we cannot afford to keep experiencing similar issues... I would appreciate some help or reply.




Patricia, VSN

Respected Contributor

Re: Experiencing problems with GoToWebinar live streaming

There is a world-wide congestion problem on the Internet, which might be causing some of those issues.

New Contributor

Re: Experiencing problems with GoToWebinar live streaming

 Hello Chris, 


Thanks for the reply. I know that there might be problems related to connectivity right now, it's normal and understandable. However, I cannot understand how GoToWebinar suddenly can finalize the live session before the webinar ended and close itself... This sounds like it is an error related to the system (and it happened to at least three of our attendees). 


Nobody has ever experienced something similar to this? Anyone can let me know why can this happen? At least if it's something that we might be doing wrong, I would like to know what it is exactly to avoid repeating the same mistake... Thanks for your help.