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Re: GDPR compliance

Dear Glenn,

Thanks for the info. You should also know that if a data is no longer needed you should not keep it beyod the usefull period. The data kept on your servers cannot be removed unless you close the account. You should also take into consideratiom the right to be forgotten. If someone request this from us we will not be able to comply with your current set up.

Kind regards,

Georgi Ivanov


GoTo Manager

Re: GDPR compliance



It is my understanding that when an account is closed, the data will be deleted automatically after a short period of time. The rolling 365 day history applies to current active accounts. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi there,

In the footer of confirmation and reminder emails, the default text is 

You are receiving this email because you registered for this webinar. Your email address and personal information will be used by the Webinar organizer to communicate with you about this event and their other services. To review the organizer's privacy policy or stop receiving their communications, please contact the organizer directly.


Numerous resources indicate that under GDPR, consent can't be bundled with another action - so I (or the GTW platform) can send a message about the webinar, such as a reminder, but I can't assume that by registering for the webinar, they're consenting to receive messages about my other services. I need to be able to customize this text / remove the part about "and their other services." Can you let me know GoToWebinar's position on this nuance, and whether the text will be editable in the near future?


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Ad a default GDPR disclaimer/opt-in functionality to all future webinar registration forms

Can I create a custom message regarding pricavy policy/GDPR compliance that will be present in all webinar registration forms? Or do I have to do it for each and every one?

New Contributor

Feature Request: Customize reg form with checkbox with hyperlink text for GDPR

For GDPR compliance, I want to customize our reg form with a checkbox, checked by default, with text that includes a hyperlink.


It would say: "I understand and acknowledge the Acme Privacy Policy" where "Privacy Policy" links to our policy page.


Can you please enable this feature??

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi -


Regarding your post above, I have similar concerns and am wondering if the issue above has been addressed/has a solution. If not, have you switched providers? Anyone you can recommend?


Thank you!

Ergin Erdemir
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Re: GDPR compliance



It has now been fixed and they implemented a tick box feature for disclaimer where you can edit the text.


If you go to registration settings and select the tab questions, you will see the disclaimer edit section at the bottom of the page. Below, you can see the screen shots. 


1 -

2 - 



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Re: GDPR compliance (and a features request)

Great work and keep it up thanks.

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Re: GDPR compliance



Is data stored in the US and, if so, is it possible to choose an EU location instead? I know gotowebinar is GDPR compliant but we'd like all of our data stored in the EU.

GoTo Moderator

Re: GDPR compliance

@Owen1 I'm afraid you cannot choose which servers your data is stored on, but rest assured they all abide by the same data security policies.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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