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Re: GDPR compliance

Thanks for the reply. It's more than the data is stored outside of the EU. We'll therefore need to update our privacy policy.

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi @AshC. Can you confirm what countries your servers are in and where my data could be stored?

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi @Owen1


Your account data is stored in the USA. Have you reviewed our GOTO COLLABORATION SUITE - SECURITY AND PRIVACY OPERATIONAL CONTROLS doc? 


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Re: Adding privacy comments at the bottom of webinar registration form


I am brining an old question to life now that we have had GDPR in our lives for almost a year.

Have you understood it so that asking a registrant to check a box "I agree to.." make using the data for said purpose (contact them ahead for instance) ok?

I guess some of you share your registration data with for instance a sponsor of the webinar - do you write DPA/GDPR agree ments with them? What does the check box text look like and is it in your understanding so that that is enough?


I had a conversation about the check box - you cannot register unless checking it and that that would be ok - it is not a human right to watch a webinar right? I can not see any other way of asking for permission to collect and share registration data?


What do You do as of date?

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Re: GDPR compliance

I do not believe this resolves the GDPR needs,
as reports that have to manage incoming requests from customer to show them what date we have, and if wanted, delete them
date back one year; but when I look into my Webinar's history, I see event details back for a couple of years;
so data is still at LMI Server, but not visible for our GDPR Team when dealing with incoming requests, as they simply do not see that far back as the G2W license owner
How to adress that?

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi @Tho-Mas ,

We effectively delete GoToWebinar reporting data after 365 days.  There may be a record of your webinar history for analytical purposes, but the actual Attendee data would be gone after 1 year.

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Re: GDPR compliance

thanks getting back to me; in fact I looked today into my Webinar "past events" where there are entries back to 2014, and looking into the one from DEC 12, 2014 I see all mail addresses from Registrants
So, how comes?