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Re: GDPR compliance

Thanks for the reply. It's more than the data is stored outside of the EU. We'll therefore need to update our privacy policy.

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Re: GDPR compliance

Hi @AshC. Can you confirm what countries your servers are in and where my data could be stored?

LogMeIn Manager

Re: GDPR compliance

Hi @Owen1


Your account data is stored in the USA. Have you reviewed our GOTO COLLABORATION SUITE - SECURITY AND PRIVACY OPERATIONAL CONTROLS doc? 


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Re: Adding privacy comments at the bottom of webinar registration form


I am brining an old question to life now that we have had GDPR in our lives for almost a year.

Have you understood it so that asking a registrant to check a box "I agree to.." make using the data for said purpose (contact them ahead for instance) ok?

I guess some of you share your registration data with for instance a sponsor of the webinar - do you write DPA/GDPR agree ments with them? What does the check box text look like and is it in your understanding so that that is enough?


I had a conversation about the check box - you cannot register unless checking it and that that would be ok - it is not a human right to watch a webinar right? I can not see any other way of asking for permission to collect and share registration data?


What do You do as of date?