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GTW doesn't pair with Sony HXR-NX80

I have a problem with my equipment, the GTW doesn't recognize my Sony HXR-NX80 video cam as a webcam. It is connected to the computers USB 3.0 through a HDMI cable and in between the Elgato Cam Link 4K, as it should. I have tried to change the cameras settings, for example the recording quality, but nothing seems to work. GTW says the cam is already in use in some other program, which it isn't. I do get this combination to work with Teams and Zoom without problems at all. Any ideas how I can get around this problem? Thankful for all the help I can get!

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Re: GTW doesn't pair with Sony HXR-NX80

Try rebooting your computer.  Teams or Zoom may have grabbed hold of the webcam and will not let it go, even if you quit those applications.


It is always best practice to reboot your computer just before engaging in a GoToWebinar.


It is also possible the Elgato Cam Link 4K does not work with GoTo.

A similar product, ATEM Mini, works with GoTo on a Mac but not on Windows.  That might be the same with the Elgato Cam Link.

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Re: GTW doesn't pair with Sony HXR-NX80

Hi! It seems that I changed the wrong pic quality on the camera before. I did change the rec mode to 720p, but I didn't change the HDMI video out to 720p. Now when I changed the HDMI out to 720p it works as it should. I can also confirm that GTW chokes when using 1080p. It's a shame really, I found an old thread from 2018 regarding the same topic, so there hasn't been any development in two years, even though 4K filming is widely used today. 


Thanks for your help, now I can use my equipment!