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New Contributor

Go from live to recorded webinar back to live


Is there a way to run the webinar as a hybrid webinar - 

Start it with live opening, then go to a recorded part and then back to live Q&A?

I know WebianrJam has this feature and as I am looking now to work with recorded webinars

I see it as a very important tool. 



Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Go from live to recorded webinar back to live

You can do that with a regular live GoToWebinar.  You just upload the recorded part before the start  of the webinar.


During the webinar you can switch between showing your screen to showing the video, then switch back to showing your screen and the live voice.


You can have up to five separate videos to play during a live webinar.  That way you can show shorter videos with some live talking in between. 

New Contributor

Re: Go from live to recorded webinar back to live

Hi Chris,


my question is this - 

is it possible to use the video without the audience's notice

so it will look as if it is live?


Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Go from live to recorded webinar back to live

With a little practice, yes.


You should set up a test webinar and practice this.


When you are in the live part of the webinar and you are showing your computer screen:

1. in the drop-down menu where you tell which screen to show to the audience, there is now an option to choose one of the videos you have uploaded to that webinar.

2. Select the video from the list ,and a video viewer window will open up.

3. Press the "play" button in the video viewer window.  As soon as you press play, your microphone will be muted, and all of the Attendees will be watching and listening to the video.

4. When the video is over, select the computer screen to show to the audience. Your microphone will automatically unmute.


This system is not perfect.  There will be a few seconds of down time between the live and recorded segments.  With enough practice, you can get it to be about 1 second, which is not bad.  It helps if you can still talk to the audience while you are getting the video ready to be played, but most people stop talking when they are concentrating really hard on pushing the right buttons.


One drawback with this system is that the video is played from the GoTo webserver directly to each Attendee.  Thus, the timing could be off by a few seconds or longer for each Attendee.  Some Attendees might even start seeing the video before you do, and for some, the video might be delayed, and they might still be watching the end of the video when you think everyone has finished.  When you go back to the live webinar by choosing the computer screen to show to the GoTo audience, the video playback stops for everyone.


Rare case:   If an Attendee joins the webinar while the video is playing, they will see the video from the beginning and will still be watching  the video when you stop the recorded part of the webinar and move on to the live part.   Example:  If the video is 10 minutes long and an attendee starts viewing the webinar when the video on your screen is four minutes into the video, this new Attendee will start watching the video from the beginning, and when you go back to live webinar, the video will stop on their screen. They got to see only the first six minutes of the video.  (They showed up late, so you can't guarantee a perfect viewing.)