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UB Alumni Caree
Active Contributor

GoToWebinar Email Copies

For some reason, we are not receiving copies of any emails from GoToWebinar.  We have our settings so that we get copies on the reminder emails, post event emails and panelist login emails. We stopped getting them about a week or two ago.  I've checked all the settings and "Send me a copy" is checked on all.  I verified the email address in our settings is correct and it is.  Does anyone have any insight on this issue?


Thanks so much in advance!

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar Email Copies

@UB Alumni Caree  If you are not seeing the GoToWebinar emails in your Spam filter, then it may be possible that your email provider started filtering the communications themselves.  In this case, please check with them first, before calling our Customer Support group to see if the address is on our 'bounced' list.