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GoToWebinar / GotoStage search by date


After attending a VMUG webinar, I was sent the replay link, 


This brought me to a header page, but not the webinar.  That is OK, but when I attempted search by keyword in topic or title, for example "NVidia"


The results were not in date order, requiring further searching, or adding words to the search to find the replay.


It appears this may also occur for others publishing, creating webinars as well

unless this has been corrected.


Would it be possible to provide upper right selection to Search by Date, or at least default to most recent?


What is the is the default search order and reason for the listing results the way it displays?  


If this is relevancy or popularity, the upper right dropdown could provide "most recent" and other sort orders that would make sense to provide better usability.   


Please default search of keyword or partial title to results by date, or provide a better way to find the most recent "on demand" webinar replay.    Thank-you!


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Re: GoToWebinar / GotoStage search by date

Hi @Nthuser ,

We are still evolving the functionality of GoToStage, and understand that some organizations may utilize these pages exclusively, with very large content offerings.  In the future I expect more organizational options and layout customization, so for the time being we'll leave this thread up as an enhancement request.