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Active Contributor

GoToWebinar Logo and Feature Image not saving

I have been using GoToWebinar for approx a year, but last week the Logo and Feature Image functionality stopped saving any files I input to a scheduled webinar.

I have revisited today, amended the Logo file to a .jpg rather than .png and tried a different Feature Image for the webinar I have scheduled today.

When I upload an image into either area, I see the 'Webinar Updated' message, but when I preview the registration page, or go to another Webinar and then return to todays, both images are gone.  Screen shot below for clarification.

Are you able to help at all?webinarupdated.png

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar Logo and Feature Image not saving

Hi @KEvents ,

Does this behavior look the same on all scheduled events?

Do you see any change when updating through an alternate web browser?

How about a newly scheduled GoToWebinar?