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GoToWebinar is "Clunky" software

GoToWebinar ranks high on the clunkiest PAID software I have ever used.  A lot of intuitive functions are just missing, like deleting old test webinars.  I cannot change the name of an uploaded video unless I go to the channel...

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar is "Clunky" software

I am sorry you are having issues.


GoToWebinar is certainly not perfect, no software is.

I have tried lots of other webinar software and still keep coming back to GoTo as my favorite.


The corporate solution for this kind of software where I work is Skype. I have to jump through lots of hoops each year to keep using GoTo.   IMHO the "clunkiness" of Skype used for a webinar makes GoToWebinar look like it is plated in gold.


Over the last ten years I have made several suggestions to GoTo for improvement.  Some have been incorporated into GoTo and some have not.  Meanwhile I focus on the work I can do with the tools I have.