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GoToWebinar software unusable with certain Microsoft Surface models

We've been using G2W for a decade for our online training webinars with thousands of attendees. The last few years I mostly hosted webinars using a Surface Pro 4 with i7 cpu, without any problems.


Recently though we expanded our program and now more of my co-workers are involved in hosting webinars. Four of them have a newer Surface Pro with i5 cpu, and they all have the same problem: When they are the presenter in a webinar, their computer seems to freeze up after a few seconds, the webinar software stops responding or responds only with very long delays, their audio starts breaking up and their webcam feed also starts stuttering badly or freezes completely. Not using webcam does not help.


If they manage to close the webinar software, or even just stop being the presenter, the computer immediately becomes responsive again.


At first glance this looks like a performance or overheating/throttling problem, but it's not. First, presenting powerpoint slides is hardly a demanding task. And monitoring system resources, the computer is not running at 100% or throttling its cpu speed. This is clearly a software bug in G2W in conjunction with the specific hardware of the i5 Surface model. The Surface handles much more demanding tasks like video encoding without any issues, remaining fully responsive even when running under 100% load.


I found one other report of the same issue on Google, but no solution. I need LogMeIn to address this issue and offer a solution.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: GoToWebinar software unusable with certain Microsoft Surface models

Hello @DRG_Admin ,

Do you know if they've tried sharing just the PowerPoint window instead of the entire Windows desktop? 

Can you confirm the GoTo software version installed? 

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Re: GoToWebinar software unusable with certain Microsoft Surface models

Thank you for the suggestion, we will run tests and then post here if it helped.