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GotoWebinar only via Browser

we want all webinars to only work via the browser. It must be possible without manually adding "? ClientType = html5" to the invitation url. When you click on the landing link, regardless of which webinar you participate in, you will first be selected via browser and then perhaps via the client or desktop version. When will this be available for analog teams, zoom, etc.?

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Chris Droessler
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Re: GotoWebinar only via Browser

Set up your webinars as a Webcast, rather than a Standard or Classic Webinar.  The Organizers and Panelists still use the GoToWebinar application, but all Attendees will join in a web browser.

Attendees have to use their computer speakers, they can not use the phone as their audio option.

Note: Regular Attendees cannot be promoted to be Panelist or Organizer.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: GotoWebinar only via Browser



Chris is correct, at this time using the webcast option is the easiest way to achieve this currently. 


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