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Re: How do I delete past webinars from the history?

I created a "copy" webinar - just so I could have access to the follow-up email text (you can't open a follow-up email that has already been sent - even just to copy the text) - Then I forgot to delete the "fake" copy webinar... and it rolled over into my history GRRR.  It's not a big deal I guess - but sure would be nice to be able to delete a webinar from history - especially if there are no registrants (as some other folks mentioned in this string.)  Thanks - 
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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

I'm in the same situation.  Would like to get rid of my test webinars.  Any updates?  Thank you!
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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

Me too, i tried many differents things during my practice and I really want them to be deleted.

Thank you in advance!
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Re: Deleting Past Webinars


We have the same wish, i.e. to be able to delete past webinars.

Right now, e.g. webinar insights is of no real use to us, as our test webinars and webinars that I create for dry-runs show up in between the "real" webinars.

Kind regards,

Mai Britt

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How to delete webinar history?


I was wondering how, and if it's possible to delete your webinar history? Does anybody know if this is possible? Thanks in advance,


Joost Bakker


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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

If you think this is an 'idea' then somebody should tell LMI that this feature will be mandatory in the new European dataprotection regulations in 2018. Nobody in Europe would be allowed to use the system if it is not possible to delete personal data that are collected with webinars. So at least the participants of the webinars must be deletable if not the whole webinar.

In Germany many companies use the system despite it is already forbidden to use systems where personal data cannot be deleted after the intended use. The pernalties for this are low until now but with the new european regulation will have penalties up to 10.000.000 Euros.

So i think this feature will be more than an 'idea'.

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Re: How to delete webinar history?



While organizers do not have the ability to delete webinars from their history, we can delete your entire webinar account and history as per GDPR compliance if you close it. Please contact Support and make that request.


(updated 9/27/18 for accuracy)

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

Any news on the possibility to "delete old webinars" ?


I have the same issue, with some "test" webinars I'd like to remove from history...

(at least : can I submit webinars'IDs to remove, to someone in charge ?)




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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

@Cédric49 @MPruss  While we cannot delete specific events from GoToWebinar history, we can anonymize attendance data from reporting to comply with privacy regulations.


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Re: Deleting Past Webinars

@AshC Thanks for your reply.

Though my wish is not to "anonymize attendance", but to remove / delete a past webinar that I used as "test" for instance = I do these "test" webinars about twice a year, to make sure my whole system works properly (cam, mics, PC, recordings...), as if in "real conditions"

But then it would be useful to remove them from my history (so my KPIs or navitaging gets easier...)


Good if you can push the idea to to management ;-)


And thanks for your help anyway.