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How to Allow Attendees to Share Webcams

We're trying to figure out if it's possible to allow attendees to share their webcams. I saw this article that says up to 25 webcams can be shared, but attendees are not seeing the "Webcam and Video" section or Icon on the desktop GotoWebinar app. Only meeting presenters and organizers are seeing this. Any ideas?



Respected Contributor

Re: How to Allow Attendees to Share Webcams

Only Panelists and Organizers can share their webcam.

You can promote someone within the webinar to be a Panelist, and then they can share their webcam.


Additionally - You can have only 25 of the combined number of Panelists and Organizers, and you cannot change a Panelist to an Attendee to make room for new Panelists.


If you need more than 25 people to share their webcam at one time, look to GoToMeeting instead.