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Active Contributor

How to change a webinar from standard to webcast

Hello! I have a huge problem...  i scheduled a webinar as a standard one but now i need to change it as a webcast one. I saw that in 2017 there was no such solution, but is it now? 

New Contributor

Waiting to view [presenter's] screen Webcast

Attendees can't see the shared screen in Webcast. They get a message saying Waiting to view (presenter's name doing the screen share)'s screen.

This is before and after the webinar has started.

This happens on all Webcasts now and affects many attendees. Chrome, IE, Firefox. Popup and Ad Blockers disabled. Refreshed, logged-in in new window, all same results.

Changing presenter and then switching back to the main presenter's screen share will temporarily display the screen, but it only lasts a moment.
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Waiting to view [presenter's] screen Webcast

Hi CP,
Sorry for the confusion there.
Could you end and restart the GoToWebinar webcast as the Organizer?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How to change a webinar from standard to webcast

Hi Mihaela,

I'm sorry the ability to change the scheduled webinar type is not an option currently.

Leigh Strinsky

Changing a standard event to a Webcast event.

Ugh - I was supposed to set up an upcoming webinar as a webcast event so that we could handle a larger capacity group and I forgot. Now we have people registered.  Is there any way that it can be done behind the scenes by the LogMeIn team?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Changing a standard event to a Webcast event.

Hi Leigh,

If you call customer support, they may be able to migrate the registrants over to the new event.  Just be sure to keep the new registration questions to Name + Email only to ensure the data accuracy.