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How to check participant ID in GoToWebinar?



Does anybody know how I can check the ID of a participant? Is there a report for it?


Each registered participant receives an email with their individual login link. The link looks like that:


First part of the link is the ID of the webinar (the 1111s)... the second part is the ID of the participant (the 2222s).


How can I check the details of that participant's ID? I'd like to know which participant that is/was.


The reason why I'm asking is that some people share their login links with others and then they are confused regarding their attendance or lack of thereof.




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: How to check participant ID in GoToWebinar?

Hi Leszek,

GoToWebinar attendee join links are designed to allow for two main scenarios:

  1. The attendee gets disconnected suddenly, due to technical or other conflicts.
  2. The attendee joins from one device (mobile for example), and then wants to switch to a different machine (like a laptop).

For this reason we allow the links to be used several times -- though not unlimited.  I'm afraid we don't have the ability to track attendees that are using a link borrowed from a different registrant, but if you see duplicate names in your webinar's attendee list or attendee reports, you could always reach out to clarify who exactly was in session (or dismiss the duplicates if they don't respond).