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New Contributor

Is Customer Support through Intnl phone call only???

We´ve been paid customers of GoToWebinar & GoToMeeting for a few years now and have not hade many issues until now (actually when trying to pay for a second account).

This issues has prompted us to reach for support and it just strikes me that as fas as I can see, support is only through thes community forum or by phone call.... For what I read in these forums that would mean not only an expensive international phone call, but a long expensive one, waiting for some to pick up (if ever) and perhaps not even helpful....


So my question is: Is this really the case? LogemeIn is not offering a tickets system for a service worth USD 2400 a year?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Is Customer Support through Intnl phone call only???

Hi @mediateca ,

I apologize for the frustrations.


Although we can't handle billing concerns through the Community here, if you click my Community name you can send over your company name / admin email address so that I may confirm your account type for specific upgrade instructions.