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New Contributor

Live Captioning for GoToWebinar

Do you know what third-party live auto captioning service integrates well with GTW?


I do not want to prepare subtitles in advanced, I am looking for a service that can plugin or integrate with GTW and shows subtitles on screen as people speak during the webinar. 


Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Live Captioning for GoToWebinar

We use PowerPoint. Find the option in PowerPoint under Set Up Show.


If you do use this feature, and you routinely show a slide to the audience before you Start the Broadcast, you need to pause the first slide in GoTo before anyone starts to speak.  If not, the audience will not be able to hear your staff talk before Starting the Broadcast, but they will be able to SEE your words on the screen.  Then unpause the screen as you Start the Broadcast.