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Live stream video only for GoToWebinar

We are doing regular upates with our senior officials and working from home staff via GoToWebinar.  The update is short (10 minute) verbal upates on the different areas of the business (no slides, notes or other viewable other than the person speaking). We take questions from the audience (400-1000 staff) and respond in real time.  I have  not found a good way to show only the video of the speakers.  A web cam option seems to require sharing a desktop/display which takes up most of the visual space.  Using Windows Camera option and then sharing the screen does get you a video display window but no controls related to the camera being used.  


Is there a recommended solution, hardware and or software for this type of broadcast update?




LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Live stream video only for GoToWebinar

Hi @ResDev ,

Once you start the screen sharing to begin the broadcast, you may also stop or pause this sharing while keeping your webcams live. 

Respected Contributor

Re: Live stream video only for GoToWebinar

I would start the webinar with a welcome screen with the corporate logo until the senior official is ready to talk. Then as AshC said, start the webcam, and then stop sharing your screen.