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Brenda Dentinge
New Contributor

Major audio issues and bugs during live webinar today

During a live webinar this morning, we had several people with audio issues and the log out and log in process didn't always resolve it. Some people had a blank audio pane in the control panel. Some people just never saw the audio issues. I am not able to do a case, ,can someone help me? 

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LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Major audio issues and bugs during live webinar today

@Brenda Dentinge  I apologize for the audio failures there.  Although we cannot see the problem from our end without logs, if this should happen again Customer Support can help you work with our Audio Engineers to locate the source. 


When experiencing integrated telephone audio failure it is imperative that a case be created (by phone) within a 24 hour period, in order to track issues back through telecom providers before records are expunged.


While in session, some desktop apps also have the ability to report audio issues directly to LMI for a review: