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Microphone suggestions

Looking for suggestions for a good microphone to use in my webinars.  Have had some webinar attendees comment on poor audio quality and want to invest in something better. Currently using a Polycom CX100 Speakerphone. It needs to be USB and budget-wise looking at a max of around £120.


What does everyone use and what would you recommend?

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Re: Microphone suggestions

Is this for one presenter or several sitting around a table talking?  Usually Polycoms are used for a table of people.


Best if person speaking is close to the microphone.


Best for single presenter is a headset. That is headphones with additional boom microphone, where the microphone is place inches from the mouth. You can get these fairly cheap, and they can have a USB connector.  I do not use one, so cannot comment of which brand is quality. There are a lot of really cheap ones out there that may not be good enough.


Do you have any access to professional microphone, like used for public address system TV, or recording studio?  They can be converted to USB.  That's what I do.


I have heard good things about the Blue Yeti USB mic. I do not have one, but it should be good for single presenter or table of people.

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Re: Microphone suggestions

We mainly have one person presenting our webinars although I also do an introduction. I try to place the Polycom as close as possible to the presenter but, as you say, it's really made for a table of people. I do not have access to a professional microphone.


I've also heard good things about the Blue Yeti USB mic. I like that it has four pickup patterns to select depending on how many people are speaking and it get good reviews.