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Re: No video on GoTo Meeting Recording, just audio

I so much agree the last comment!
This post is far more than 2 years old, the last comment was added 8 months ago - yet we still struggle a REALLY HARD WAY to figure out why there is no video recorded on local recording. (I mean I had to spend hours on searching, as the theme doesn't just come up when you put in your most relevant words in the search bar on here, the links shared for "answer" do not actually answer the question, doesn't matter if you include the the word "GoToMEETING", it keeps coming up with the Webinar related posts  -  and so on.)
Not even a pop-up would be required in my opinion, yet when you access the recording settings (which does apparently exist in GoToMeeting) it SHOULD have made it clear how it works. Just like there is a setting for each microphone to be used or not, there should be made it clear, how can it use each webcam, or that the shared screen necessary in case of local recording. (From the post, yet not clear to me, WHO needs to share the screen? I assume the presenter should share it, however there has to be a reason why not the presenter does the recording, so at least the presenter should be notified about having to share their screen when record button been hit by other organizer? ...)
I do believe that it's difficult to find such good platform - yet this is a LONG TIME ONGOING ISSUE not yet been looked and solved, which makes it poorer than perhaps is, as we are required to pay not small amount for it to use it.
In other means, we pay and we work hard too to understand a single thing, that is not made clear for so many years. Shame. How long more it takes, to actually change it?
I can just hope - yeah?

PS: Oh can I add it doesn't work that way either?
Just tried but when screen is shared, it refuses to share GoToMeeting app screen, only shares any other apps if open OR the background picture - or a blank awful blue screen when shared as "clean".
Most importantly, not possible to share what's seen on GoToMeeting such as all the attendees.
In this case, ther SHOULD be a way to convert in ONLY AUDIO when locally not possible to record the meeting in video! Nevertheless should have been made this VERY CLEAR in the app itself...

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Re: No video on GoTo Meeting Recording, just audio

Hi @swadarshan


If you are a new GoToMeeting user I would recommend starting with our Organizer User Guide, it takes you through all of the aspects of using GoToMeeting and links to more detailed articles where needed. In regards to recording a meeting,  our Cloud Recording feature (which is becoming the default for most users), captures both screen sharing and webcams. There are currently no plans to include webcams in the local video recording feature as many customers do not use a computer with the systems requirements to host a meeting and record 2 video sources and audio.


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Re: No video on GoTo Meeting Recording, just audio

I had a reply in email from @AshC - I am unable to see it here, but want to thank you! Makes lot more sense to me.