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New Contributor

Old registration links going directly to a recording

Has anyone experienced this?  When accessing a registration link for a webinar that occurred in the past, our attendees are still able to register and are taken directly to the recording of that webinar.  That is troubling as someone can access a recording before it has been edited or reviewed for sound quality, etc.  I was told that "the fix" is to download my recording, then delete it from GTW and then re-upload it.  I discovered this when I went in to edit a webinar recording from last week and saw that people had been accessing the recording without my knowledge.  I spoke to two support people and the second said it's a known issue that we just have to deal with.

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Old registration links going directly to a recording

That is all normal behavior, but you can disable it.


After the webinar, you can go into the Control Panel, find that webinar, open the Registration section.  Then under "After Session Video" deselect the default video.


After you have downloaded and edited your video and uploaded it, you can go back to this same place to re-connect your new/edited video to that webinar.