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On-Demand Report - Attendees Per Month

Is it possible to easily report on the number of attendees of on-demand webinars month by month?


We have a lot of on-demand webinars and need to report the number of attendees per month, regardless of which webinar and when the webinars were launched. 


Is this possible? The date range filter uses the creation date rather than the monthly views so this filter looks for attendees to webinars created between Feb 01-22. What I need is the list of attendees to any on-demand webinars who attended between Feb 01-22 regardless of the webinar launch date. In this instance, I know that 500+ attendees viewed a webinar in February which was launched in January but they're not showing up.


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: On-Demand Report - Attendees Per Month

@HoE-SR  I'm afraid On-Demand events don't factor in that way when it comes to Attendance ratings.  You should have a complete registrant list though, which you may need to then pull out the registration date itself.