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Outage on 7/27/2022 Case Number 17671490

I contacted support today about the outage yesterday that prevented 3/4 of the registrants of my webinar (with 3,200 people registered) from logging in. Some had already logged in, but most had not.  


On my call, the Tier 1 representative passed me on to billing. My call was answered in billing after 10 minutes, and the representative said she would have to check with the Corporate Department. I waited 15 more minutes and my call was terminated by GoTo.  I logged into my support dashboard and checked the status of the ticket and it says it was closed. 


Why was this case closed?  My problem was not resolved and in fact, no one ever completed the call. The case is still open.

Case Number 17671490

Here are the details from my case:

Yesterday, 7/27/2022 between 2 PM Eastern and 4 pm Eastern, GoTo experienced an outage that impacted thousands of people registered for my webinar: 7037415801476782349. The outage was financially catastrophic for my company because my paying client webinar expects to be reimbursed for the fee, which is $3,800. I am furious. I have been using GoToWebinar since 2005 in various positions and this account was established in 2009. There seems to always be a problem and I am over it. I need to be reimbursed. Please help me get this resolved.


Fran Simon
Engagement Strategies
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Re: Outage on 7/27/2022 Case Number 17671490

Hundred and thousand of people ask their queries daily. Therefore, wait a bit and let them answer your question. I have been questioning for a long time and I never got rejected. 

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