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New Contributor

Paid Webinars defaults to payer's name, not attendee


We hold classes on G2W, and the person who pays for the class is not always the attendee.


We've added an additional registration field if this is the case, but the attendee shows up as the payer's name in the attendee list.


As we use the auto generated attendance certificates, the information is incorrect. How can we update this information?

FYI, We have the attendee list hidden for privacy reasons, and asking them to click on File does not show them the "edit your name" option, only the Save Chat Log option.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Paid Webinars defaults to payer's name, not attendee

Hi @Spork

I'm afraid the Certificate Name cannot be altered by changing the visible Attendee Name through the software.  From what I understand of the integrated payment system, you should be able to enter a different name than on the GoToWebinar Registration page when you confirm billing info.