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Payment discount codes in GotoWebinar not being properly applied

I'm attempting to add a discount code to a webinar using the new payment system.


It is not working -- the discounts are created properly (see image):




... and when I try to apply them, they claim to be applied (see image):


BUT ... the price shown doesn't go down (see above, still shows as $19 not $0,  AND the discount is NOT applied when registering, the person is charged full price....  The transaction went straight to Stripe for processing:




Has anyone succesfully used the discount code feature in GotoWebinar Payments??


This looks like a real bug, any idea how to proceed?




Retired GoTo Contributor

Re: Payment discount codes in GotoWebinar not being properly applied

Hi @adwolf111 ,

It appears that you have set those three promos for $19, $18, and $19 each.  If you want one of those promotional discount codes to be free, you would have to set the dollar amount to $0.0.  Let me know if that makes sense.


Here's a short video we also created as a demo:

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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